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Author Topic: Joys of Manufacturing (1936)  (Read 4584 times)

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Joys of Manufacturing (1936)
« on: November 17, 2006, 06:50:56 AM »

Soichiro Honda was born on November 17, 1906, in Komyo Village (now Tenryu City), Iwata County, Shizuoka Prefecture, as the eldest son of Gihei Honda and his wife Mika.
Gihei was a skilled and honest blacksmith and Mika an accomplished weaver.
The family was poor but Soichiro?s upbringing was happy, even though his parents were insistent about the need for basic discipline.
It was thanks to the thorough education he received from his father that Mr. Honda, despite his freewheeling, irrepressible personality, hated nothing more than inconveniencing others and was always punctual about keeping appointments.
He also inherited from his father his inborn manual dexterity and his curiosity about machines.


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Re: Joys of Manufacturing (1936)
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Thanks for the information.   :up:.


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Re: Joys of Manufacturing (1936)
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Glad your enjoying the Honda History article.
There's lots more content to be found at the excellent Honda Worldwide site.
Which sums it up beautifully:

Honda History
A Dynamic Past. An Exciting Future.

Highlights from Honda's History: See the photos, and read the episodes straight from Honda's History book, prepared on Honda's 50th Anniversary.

Sure hope Honda keep updating it with more gems.  :up: