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My EE9 1.6i-VT

This is my pride and everyday joy, a European Civic 1.6i-VT (EE9) equivelent of the Japanese EF9. I bought this car in october of 2003 from a Dutch auction site mostly in stock condition with a few options already fitted.
In november of that same year i started to look arround for parts, accesories etc... In early 2004 the first thing i got for my car was a Sebring dual tip exhaust with 2x114mm end tips, which was one of the biggest mistakes ever.
A few months later things turned for the better when i got my hands on a HyperRev Magazine with a few pages filled with Japanese accesories for the EF and EF9 models, I saw a chargespeed front bumperlip that I realy liked and got it from Japan itself because back then only a few people even knew they had these parts. I was the first here in my country that had this lip. I also got a brand new set of Honda Access skirts with a second hand matching rear Access bumper cover via an auction site, more on that is on our forum.

I got the whole car repainted in late 2004 because it had allot of small dents and rear wheel arches that had some rust. I had all the emblems shaved and even thought of 17" inch rims! Back then my ideas were allot different then they are today regarding the appearance of the car..
Later on in 2005 I was introduced to the JDM style, nice clean ass cars... less is more, that sort of thing.

Early in 2006 I bought my Mugen RNR's from Ebay...

In may of 2006 I decided that the red pinstripe and the "H" emblems should return on the car because they belonged there. I also bought a clean set of EF9 Foglights and mounted those togheter with the Mugens and so the car was officialy done and I even made it into Honda Tuning Magazine: Honda Tuning article ....

I bought a Y1 LSD tranny from a EF8 CRX in early 2007, and decided in October 2007 to present my plans to the world. Everything was going back to stock! (except for the folding mirrors, roof spoiler and LSD)

I changed my car back to the original state that it was in back in the nineties. I removed the front and rear bumper, foglights, chargespeed lip, windowvisors and sideskirts and replaced them with a brand new front and rear bumper, OEM skirts and brand new side mouldings. Yeah i know, i must have been crazy, well maybe i was but at that point i could not stand it that people were trying to imitate my style, that's just something that was in my mind no offense. I wanted my car to stand out at meetings and not to be like many others.

It took me all 2008 to get to the point where I am today with the car.
Ordering all the original Honda parts proved to be very challenging with some of the parts being discontinued or being the last ones.

I was very lucky to get the last remaining door molds for the 1.6i-VT with the red pinstripe, two in totall! they were for the quarter panels. The rest of the trim is from a normal 1.6 16v Civic, the only differences between these two is the red pinstripe and the price! they were 1/2 cheaper then the ones for the 1.6i-VT. I got all the missing pieces and made the trim complete.
This truly proves that these parts are no longer available @ the Honda dealers here. For a complete report on the whole project look below.

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