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The Mugen SPL9
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    Devoting a substantial amount of time and effort to assure that it produces the finest designs for Honda and Acura automobiles, Mugen creates truly original products that will always keep the company at the cutting edge of future car styling. Incorporating only the highest quality fiberglass and using a manual hand-layered technique, the sheen finish of Mugen products is first class. Al panels are finished with white-gel coating (painting required) and each kit is complete with the required mounting hardware.

    New generation styling for the CIVIC 3-door, this body kit comes complete with front and rear lip spoilers and side steps. (Rear air spoiler not included.) The front and rear lips are made of C-FRP and produce a very high-tech appearance. Designed to cover the stock bumpers, they require no additional hole drilling for installation. The side panels are produced using C-FRP, and are supplied in unpainted condition.

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    HIGH PEFORMANCE TOTAL TUNING, this is a new development concept for the CIVIC VTEC. The MUGEN CIVIC SPL comes from the land of the former Civic and inherited the race car image and was outstanding as well, the ” 9” was given to the new concept to set it aside the normal-bread CIVIC SPL. The step side and rear portion of the bumper are made out of C-FRP, the bumper covers only cover a part of the bumpers. An essential material for the covers is Carbon Fiber, this is the first time adoption of carbon fiber in a production car and took some time to develop it for this car. Though molding is required, advanced technology successfully developed it by utilizing the knowledge gained over the years. Quality such as realizing a genuine part of quality control at all unique design. The Craft and Design, led by Moon and joint by Takuya Yura of the racing car designers, a privately funded organization to pursue further aerodynamic knowledge. The powerful casually looking MUGEN CIVIC SPL 9 at the birth of Mugen brings all together in the 1990s as a trend leader.
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    Honda has endeavored maximum effort in the development of its V-Tec engine, producing a power plant potential having reached the level of a competition engine. Mugen is pround to announce that it now produces a beautifully crafted head cover for this high tech engine, and offers it for sale to Honda racing enthusiasts The design motif coming from the head cover of the MF-308 V-8 F3000 power plant, Mugen manufactures this commercial V-Tec head cover using the same processes as those used to manufacture its victorious international racing engines. This head cover is made of cast aluminum and comes complete with all necessary installation components.

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    As with their Works motocross machines, Mugen has designed and constructed “Sports Suspension Kits" in joint cooperation with Showa. Considerable effort has been applied in the development of tesedth kits, ensuring that kit application compliments the handling of the Honda cars without destroying ride quality. A taut yet supple ride is provided without the floundering or uneasy feeling performance noticed when driving with stock dampers Each Sports Suspension Kit is preassembled and matched with Mugen springs. There is no need for spring compressors when installing this kit, with average mounting time being two hours.

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    To complete a Mugen exhaust system, a Mugen silencer set is a necessity. All Mugen silencer sets are designed as direct O.E.M replacements, there for all existing mounting locations are used for easy installation. Each silencer set is constructed with aluminized steel coated with a tough, baked on heat resistant paint to protect against corrosion. Sound quality is enhanced to a deep throaty tone that does not detract from the overall quietness of your car.
    All necessary O.E.M. mounting hard ware is included along with comprehensive assembly instructions

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    The steering wheel, this theme is a junction of the driver and car, to pursue maneuverability, safety, and achieve sporty handling in street life Close 2 grip position and oval cross section, made in cooperation with Italy's MoMo and MUGEN.
    Especially designed to meet Honda's or Acura's luxury class.
    For the production, Mugen sent its original design sketch to Italy and Momo's craftsman-ship released them to these beautiful producucts.

    For you various appreciation, two kinds are prepared.
    One is for Cruise control cars and another is non equipped cars