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    Driving the Civic 1.6i VT is more than just stimulating: it's something you simply have to experience to believe. Because the exciting new engine features a valve system that once-and-for-all fulfills the longstanding automotive dream of combining highrevolution, race-type performance with city-street practicality.
    Honda calls it VTEC. The Autocar & Motor Awards call it the 1989 Technical Innovation of the Year.
    Though naturally aspirated, the DOHC VTEC powerhouse develops nearly 100PS per liter - startling for a non turbo engine. And exhilarating acceleration is provided up to an astounding 8000 rpm.

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    Inspiration for this remarkable powerplant came from passionate hands-on involvement in the high-speed world of Formula One racing. Where Honda's top engineers first dreamed of developing a powerful high-revolution engine for passenger cars that would give driving enthusiasts a taste of the racing experience.
    Such an engine would require a revolutionary new type of valve system capable of alternating between two settings depending on rpm and load. A valve system unlike any that had ever been built before.
    Quite a challenge. But through determination, innovation and more than a little technical wizardry, Honda succeeded in developing the first. Power isn't the only performance factor Vial sets these cars apart, for Honda has matched the DOHC VTEC engine with a refined 4 -wheel double wishbone suspension that's been specially designed b deliver exciting sports car handling. Its a powerful combination that sets the pace for all sports cars to come.
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    Advanced double wishbones, similar to those found in Formula One racing car suspensions, are mounted to the extrarigid monocoque body at all four wheels. Each and every detail of these assemblies is refined through computer-aided design and racing know-how to ensure ideal suspension geometry at all times. Meaning that the road forces generated during spirited driving are managed with ease, resulting in excellent driver control.
    Accelerate through a series of tight switchbacks and you'll quickly discover just how amazingly agile the sports car handling can be. Stabilizers and a low roll center minimize body roll to make even the sharpest turns mere child's play. And compensating linkages combine with taught, accurate rack-and-pinion steering to assure stable tracking over all types of road surfaces.
    Even with the power of VTEC on tap, the suspension keeps the tires in constant contact with the road. The highperformance 195/60R 85V tires grip hard to translate power to performance. And newly designed, lightweight aluminum wheels lighten the unsprung load for more precise suspension action.
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    Honda complements commanding engine and suspension performance with a superb reserve of braking power. Large-diameter ventilated front and rear disc brakes, plus new calipers, are employed to bring your adventures on the road to a steady, smooth conclusion.
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    The distinctive bodies of the CRX 1.6i VT and Civic 1.6i VT communicate a refined sense of the world of competition driving. Both are aggressively wedge-shaped for aerodynamic efficiency. And wind resistance is lowered still further by a rear spoiler on the CRX and rear under-spoiler on the Civic. Honda's attention to details, such as the colorkeyed bumpers and door handles, results in bodies that are stylish, well integrated and highly refined.

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