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New Members / Mattes and his 1988 Civic ED7 back in business
« on: August 21, 2017, 04:19:44 PM »
Hey guys.
I'm back. I already had an account here. BUt it's mysteriously lost.  :omg:
Anyways. I gave away my rio-red pre-face ED7 to a socalled "friend" and actually I'm still fighting to get back my light up garnish. Yes, I was stupid to give it.
But good news: I bought a "new" pre-face ED7. Now it's white, has a D16Z6 engine from CRX del Sol, chipped ECU, so that I guess the car has around 140 PS. It's really strong and extreme fast.  :woo:
But that is not what it's about. I bought the car, because I really missed the ED7 so strong. It is heartbreaking that my red ED7 is lost by my "friend".

But now here are the pictures:

EE9 garnish  :up: and sports exhaust

OEM garnish was just mounted with glue  :eek:

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