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PRF from New Zealand
« on: October 25, 2005, 02:12:02 PM »
Hello all,

Its been a longtime coming.
But finally I have taken pictures of my EF9 Civic SiR II.
Apologies for the image quality.
But it's the first time I have used my digital camera.
The first camera I have ever owned.  

I am 37, and work as a freelance Videotape Editor in Television Production.
I have been a fan of Honda since my early teens helping my father who was a Mechanic for Alfa Romeo, Honda, Jaguar, Triumph, and Rover.
Prepare first generation Civic and Accord for the showroom, for sale.

I currently own a JDM 1989 EF9 Civic SiR II.
It is the fourth Honda I have owned.
Previous Honda's were NZDM 1991 Civic GTi (D16A7), JDM 1984 Prelude XX, and JDM 1994 CD6 Accord SiR.

Since its introduction in 1989, I have been an avid fan of the EE/F9.
Collecting road test's, and Mugen Power brochures featuring it.
For those of you unaware, there are two JDM grades of EF9: SiR, SiR II.
There are also two series of EF9: EF9-100, EF9-110.

Last July I was offered my current EF9-100 SiR II for a paltry NZ$1000/587 Euro/US$704.
So I bought it.  :love:

It was far from showroom condition as you can expect for such a low price.
But as a fan of the EF9, I was keen to restore it to showroom condition.
It suffers from both mechanical and panel damage from years of neglect.
I have decided to repair the mechanical damage first.
Before tackling the panel damage.

Here you can see I have replaced both original front headlamps.
And front corner lamps/parking lights with new genuine items.
The original units were badly oxidised, as JDM EF headlamps are plastic.
Not glass like the EDM EE glass headlamps.

The Vision Technica Sport Strut Brace I added.
Which clears the ALB system, and fits perfectly accomodating all the anciliary cables that are normally in the area where the brace is secured.
My thanks to toda and babi hutan on helping me locate this.
I expect to pick up a matching rear Strut Brace when I am next in Japan.

Just two weeks ago I had my local Honda NZ dealer perform a Cambelt Change, and Valve Clearance Adjustment.
Which required a new Rocker Cover Gasket, and Spark Plug Tube Seals.
But the Water Pump was fine.
As my EF9 is now fifteen years old.
I also had them fit a new genuine Right Front Inner Liner Guard which I damaged when I removed the resonator.  :embara:
Plus flush and bleed the entire brake system using Motul RBF600.

The Radiator Cap had to be replaced as the original had rust on the inside.
Oil Cap was replaced as the original was cracked, and the rubber perished from age.
The Manual Transmission Fluid/MTF had not been changed regularly, nor the correct MTF used.
As such the synchros are well worn, which I plan to replace.
I intend to use the EF9 for casual circuit days.
Til then I change the MTF at half the service interval recommended.
And nurse the transmission when driving it to ensure it lasts til I am ready to repair it.

I have had problems with the Main Fuel Relay, a well known problem with EF9.
So replaced it with a genuine item.
I have ordered a new genuine Oxygen Sensor, another well known problem with EF9.
And look forward to it being fitted once it arrives.

The Left Front Hub Assembly is damaged from wear.
Thanks to the previous owner driving on a worn wheel bearing for sometime.
With so much play that you would think the wheel nuts were not on, let alone tightened.
A new genuine item as been ordered, which I await.
This damaged the Left Front ALB Sensor Wire which I am disappointed to find I can no longer order new from Honda NZ, via Honda JPN.
So it is on my list of deleted items that I will take with me to Japan, and hopefully order over the counter.  

The car had a damaged rear parcel tray.
Full size aftermarket 14x5.5 195/60R14 spare wheel.
No tool kit.
No Complete Spare Tyre Lid.
I have replaced these with genuine new items.
Including the 15 inch Space Saver.
Took Kit with Bag.
Correct Jack for EF9.
And Complete Spare Tyre Lid that fits around the rear ALB unit.

Currently my EF9 has 184,000km on its odometer.
While it is my restoration project, it is also my daily driver.
Currently I am able to reliably get 550km per 45 litre tank of 98 Unleaded Petrol in day to day city driving.
On a strict diet of 10W30 and genuine Oil Filters, the oil consumption is negligible.
Again, changed at half the service interval recommended.

There's more of what I have been up to.
But I can see that what I have written may already be too long for some of you.
So here are more pictures, and less words from me.
To ensure I don't bore you all.  :angel:

Paint, panel and trim damage the result of previous owners using aftermarket Fuel Cap which not only did not retain pressure.
But also leaked fuel!?  :shocked:

My Mugen alloy wheel collection:
NR-10 15x6 ET45
Gunmetal MR-5 Final Version 15x6.5 ET45
Silver MR-5 15x6 ET38
Black MR-5 15x6 ET38.
Silver MR-5 14x6 ET38 (not pictured)
Complete with all Center Caps, and MR-5/MR-5 FV Bolt Hole Covers.

Left rear C pillar paint damage

Bonnet and left front wing paint and panel damage
Even the right front wing has panel damage (not pictured)

Worn A.L.B. LSD decal on bottom left of rear hatch.
Sadly no longer available brand new.  

Rear spoiler and roof damage.

Driver's side door damage to handle, lock, and door finish.

Rust spot at base of rear window, on right rear guard.

Currently my EF9 is fiited with 15x6 ET38 Black Mugen MR-5.
Shod with BAR Honda F1 technical partner Michelin Pilot Preceda in 205/50R15.  

Driver seat worn, and center horn pad on steering wheel damaged.
You wouldn't believe the price of brand new genuine EE/F9 front seats!?  

Damaged center horn pad which I have a new genuine replacement for.
But upon hearing the Mugen Momo Sports wheel is nearing end of production.
I am more keen on replacing it with that!

Lack of rear inertia belts confirm my EF9 is EF9-100 series.
I have removed the rear headrests as I prefer the clean view in the rear view mirror.
Likewise the clean view externally.
Note the mismatch of brand new rear parcel shelf, and weathered interior.  

The center console containing my favourite addition to my EF9 so far.
The genuine Honda Radio Panel.
Less is more.  

Close up of my favourite addition to my EF9 so far, the genuine Honda Radio Panel.
And No, I don't smoke.  

Genuine JDM EF series floor mats front and rear, sourced secondhand.
Sadly unavailable brand new.  

Out of focus JDM tyre placard... a good test for your eyes - Not.  

Note the damaged rear bumper finish.
And both rear taillights which are suffering from moisture/condensation from age.
Hatch struts are also lacking in pressure, so will have them reconditioned.


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Re: PRF from New Zealand
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2005, 05:16:50 PM »
 :love: i like EF9  :love: I think you will do something nice from it.

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Re: PRF from New Zealand
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2005, 05:50:17 PM »
Well finally Pasene.... A big welcome to you and your ride!

I must say that I'm really pleased to see your EF9, it needs work but hey so did mine :wink:
That paint is really in bad shape, but not something a paint job couldn't fix.
What went over that roof and hood? looks like liquid stains of some sort. :huh?:
But man i have to tell you..... you paid very little money for this EF9 that's for sure!
It looks like the damages on your car were caused by seriously abuse over many years....
Apart from the damages and paint your car looks clean and original :up:
Those MUGEN MR5's you got under there look really good on the car, any plans for lowering? :wink:
About that ALB.LSD decal... i saw it a few weeks ago on Ebay offered by: Projectmonkey
Speaking of decals... do you plan to put on the "SiR" and "Honda" decal back on the rear hatch?

Oh yeah one more thing... why this love for the 4th gen Civic VTEC??

I think your car has allot of perspective! :up:



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Re: PRF from New Zealand
« Reply #3 on: October 25, 2005, 07:53:46 PM »
Hey Pasene,

congratulation for this good deal. This is a very fair price for that car. Unfortunately it has some bad damages I saw. But man, you love this car like we do - so repair it and it will get a new glamour :up:

Rims look sweet, indeed. Do you know their weight?

Why do you look for OEM EF9 seats? Any possibilities on the aftermarket? I guess there are a few ones :angel:


Keep me updated with the meeting. SoI can tell lots of EE9 enthusiasts...


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Re: PRF from New Zealand
« Reply #4 on: October 25, 2005, 08:31:24 PM »
So this is your EF9  :eyes:

It took some time but the wait was worth it.  :up:
A bargin for a EF9, but like everybody else said, it sure needs some T.L.C.  :love:

Just love your Mugen wheels collection, if I had the space here I just might start collecting them to  :rolleyes:

Anyway, when do think you will start on the restoration of the outside of the car?
I mean what has to been done on the mechanical side of the car to get all that fixed?
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My restoration in progress: EF9 Civic SiR II
« Reply #5 on: October 26, 2005, 12:26:03 PM »
Indeed, my EF9 has plenty of signs of a hard life.
From a lack of regular servicing.
And basic car care from previous owners.
I look forward to restoring it to its full original showroom condition.
Where all fans of EE/F9 would be proud to see it in the metal, or online.

Next year I will begin my search for Mugen M7 15x6.5 ET45.
And Silver/Gunmetal/Black Chrome Cut CF-48 15x6 ET38.
I will also keep you informed on M7 as I find them.
Should you be still interested come the day.
Then I should stop.
As already I am spoilt for choice.

Already I have sought advice on repairing all the panel damage.
And respraying the complete car to showroom condition.
This includes repairing all the damage I photographed.
As well as the leaking Sunroof.
And water gathering in the Space Saver area.
I have been recommended to fix all the mechanical issues first.
Followed then by repairing panel and paint second.

Mechanically there are the following to replace, or revive:
- Left Front Hub Assembly ordered
- Oxygen Sensor ordered
- Left Front ALB Sensor Wire needed (no longer available according to Honda NZ via Honda JPN)
- ALB not working
- ALB Warning Light not working
- Broken Engine Mount/s
- Power Steering Rack leaking

These are my foremost issues mechanically to deal with.
As this is a longterm restoration project.
I will not try to achieve everything at once.
But instead, slowly but surely.
Reach my goal over time.
There is no prize for completing it.
Just the satisfaction of the journey.
And seeing what I started with and where I'll take it.  :up:

buggs -
My Mugen wheel collection is not overly light compared to today's light weight wheels.
I like them because they reflect the EF9 period in Honda History.
Even though strictly speaking the NR-10, and MR-5 Final Version are EG generation alloys. :sly:

MR-5 15x6 ET38 = 6.8kg
MR-5 Final Version 15x6.5 ET45 = 7.0kg
NR-10 15x6 ET45 = 6.5kg.

I have yet to weigh my MR-5 14x6 ET38.

I am only interested in genuine EE/F9 seats for my EF9, in the same finish.
Mainly because they don't attract attention.
And because they were original to the car I am trying to restore.  

TeamVTEC -
Thanks for your patience, and your original invitation to join SiR FH.
Come the day I have the EF9 completely resprayed it'll be most ironic.
In that it'll cost more to respray the complete car.
And repair all the panel damage, than it did to purchase it.  
Well worth it IMHO.
And it'll be a great day for me and my EF9 restoration project.

Yes, like you I am a fan of the 'less is more' look, and my EF9 will reflect this.
Even after two weeks, I am still growing comfortable with the Black MR-5's fitted to my EF9.
IMHO they are louder (i.e. attract more attention) than I expected.
Definitely more so than the Silver MR-5 of the same dimension.
Maybe I am just growing old.  :tong:

I do plan to make changes to the suspension of my EF9.
But only after I have finished fixing all the mechanical issues I mentioned much earlier.
And once I have completed collecting the full Mugen Hard Bush Kit I have been collecting over time.
My goal is to fit the Mugen Showa EF9 suspension kit... whether it's still available is another thing altogether.
Otherwise I'll be forced to fit brand new genuine EF9 suspension.
We'll see when I reach this crossroad.

I will try again and order the A.L.B LSD decal over the counter.
When I return to Japan this weekend for three weeks.
As well as a few other EF9 genuine parts that turned up as 'deleted/no longer available'.
When I enquired with Honda JPN via Honda NZ.
As you well know, the JDM is well known for keeping certain items strictly JDM Only.
I am hoping this is the case with these deleted items.
No doubt I will find out.  

I have already collected the missing genuine front Honda badge, rear Honda badge, and SiR badge.
But my panelbeater recommended to only fit them once the complete respray and panel damage has been completed.
Otherwise he will have to remove them when her performs the respray.
A pity, as currently IMHO aesthetically my EF9 gives the impression it is not cared for.
Far from it as you can all feel.
But I will follow his advice, and not give in.  

Why the fascination with the EF9?
For me, the fourth generation is Honda's finest Civic.
And the EE/EF9 the finest fourth generation model grade.

The low wedge design, the low window line inside and out.
Super visibility, with clean, unclutered interior, and simple but effective instrument design.
Double wishbone suspension.
And particularly the EE/EF9 with its B16A , steering and gearbox combination.

IMHO when you first saw this fourth generation Civic.
You could not mistake it for anything else.
It looked, and felt well made.
It drove well, and finally was uniquely Honda.
And then came the EE/F9...

Since its introduction I have followed the EE9 with reviews in Autocar UK, and Car UK magazines.
As well as its startling success in the Group N classes racing in the UK back in its heyday.
Where it not only trounced rivals in its class.
But would be found beating rivals in the higher cubic capacity classes above it in the UK racing scene.
Not to mention its success through the JDM/Asia racing scene.

A decade ago I seriously considered buying a Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6.
The steering was fantastic, but the brakes were IMHO appalling.
I tried the Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9, much better than the 205 GTI 1.6.
But it didn't have the change in character I liked in the EF9 with its willing to rev B16A.
It lacked the EF9 short throw, mechanical feel gearshift.
The build quality was not comparable to the EF9.
And the engine note was nowhere as intoxicating, and stirring.

I also tried the Fiat Turbo i.e.
But I've never been a fan of turbo chargers.
Nor did I like what felt like its high center of gravity, top heavy design.

I ended up buying a NZDM 1991 Civic GTi (D16A7) instead.
As used import EF9 had not arrived on our shores here in NZ by then.
But that never stopped my from my passion for EF9.
And I know if EF9 were available back then.
I would have bought it brand new, no question.

It is for these reasons, and many more I have accumulated over the years that I am a fan of EF9.
As things have turned out the number of EF9's here in NZ are dwindling.
As young owners are destroying them in accidents.
Because of their cheap, but powerful performance value.

Thanks to this cheap deal to buy my EF9.
I have been united with my passion for EF9.
And will do my best to ensure a showroom example of a classic Honda EF9 will remain.
Driven daily, and meticulously maintained.
Reflecting the owner in the light of a Honda Classic enthusiast.

Which is why I am here.  :smiley:

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Re: My restoration in progress: EF9 Civic SiR II
« Reply #6 on: October 26, 2005, 11:06:17 PM »
Next year I will begin my search for Mugen M7 15x6.5 ET45
I will also keep you informed on M7 as I find them, should you be still interested come the day.
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