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« on: February 23, 2007, 02:53:03 AM »
... as everyone has that right to be offended by something.  But if everyone erased everything that offends them in this world, there would be nothing left to erase and no one left to erase it.

Some guidelines for life:

Whining is not socially acceptable behavior, even for 2-year olds.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... regardless of how stupid it is.
Everyone is entitled to be offended by anyone else's opinion.
Everyone have as much right to their own opinion as everyone else does to be offended by that opinion.
Everyone has as much right to act like as a**hole as everyone else does to treat them like an a**hole.
Everyone is entitled to an equal opportunity to say things that make them look stupid and/or ignorant.
(there is a difference)
You don't need to agree with everyone... not everyone will agree with you.
You don't need to like everyone... not everyone will like you.
The fact that you may feel really, really strongly about your religion/politics/country/pet/etc does not make your opinion of said topic any more right or important than anyone else's.

I hope this will help us all co-exist here.